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Maquillaje Profesional

They Are Coming for Us

0:15 – Health Update

2:13 – What advice would you give to someone who has old scars from being a self-cutter from their younger years? The cuts were done in mostly hidden areas, usually covered, like the stomach, legs, but most visible on the shoulders. In summertime it’s uncomfortable to conceal them but stares and often bluntly intrusive questions inevitably result when they’re visible.

5:30 – In a free society, how would abuse of animals be treated?

12:07 – One is the issue of inheritance as a way of transferring ownership of property. As Rothbard has noted, just the mere act of enclosing a million acres of land doesn’t hold up as original appropriation, I wonder if inheriting a large amount of resources and not doing anything with them might not be a reason to invalidate that inheritance. What do you think?

13:20 – In what circumstances (if any) do you think lying is ok?

18:10 – Did you have any role models?

20:11 – Do you have any suggestions for rhetoric training?

23:08 – Do you think the Golden Rule is similar to Non Aggression Principal?

24:44 – Do you think the absence of religion has something to do with crime?

30:32 – I wanted to ask if libertarian thinkers have some realistic ideas on how national interstate projects, such as freeways and high-speed trains, will be completed without centralized organization. Will there be enough cooperation, funds, etc?

32:11 – In a liberal society, where everyone both has the right to their life, and to determination over their life, who makes decisions regarding things like suicide? It was discussed that philosophically we would hope to see society move past that point, but before we evolve that far or before everyone has managed to grow, who makes those decisions?

34:00 – Which kind of repercussions does growing up without a Father have on a child?

35:40 – In a stateless society, how could natural assets/resources such as rivers be regarded as any other form of private property whist still maintaining a certain (needed) level of functionality such that they could still effectively provide for the people in a given region? On the one hand, isn’t it most efficient for one “company” to own and manage an entire stretch of river, for example, so that they have full access & control over the river and therefore its condition.. But on the other hand, would this not exclusively allow for monopolies of the provision of water?

38:31 – I have a question about your ideas about evolution. Some Christians say, there is an evolution, but before the evolution God created the world. Can that be true? Can there be a creator before the evolution?

39:43 – I am 100% on board with non-aggression and do not spank or hit my children under any circumstances. But I find myself using idle threats to coerce and this does not sit well with me at all and yet I cannot seem to stop this despite knowing I want to. Eat or else this. Go to bed or… I use this tactic all the time and need to break this habit badly. Help!

45:00 – In many podcasts and videos you say that the Christian faith causes the many wars of American presidents. But why is the Christian faith the cause? Many atheists and objectivists also support wars in foreign country and there are other atheists who also support wars.

47:18 – How long will it take for real free market anarchy to develop?

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  1. David Bercutt January 27, 2018

    Stef, why are or were you submitting to chemo? If it was long ago, how did it go for you? It is extremely destructive to the body and i expect you'll be having side effects by your third or second treatment. There is plenty of info out there on how to treat cancer by other means. You should consider them.

  2. Marjory Kephart January 27, 2018

    Sending you my prayers and healing light for a complete recovery.

  3. Bonanny Lagasse January 27, 2018

    "Free market anarchy??" Libtard anarchy.

  4. zackroo1 January 27, 2018

    gmo foods caused cancer rats after couple gen.

  5. Elitist Eugenics January 27, 2018

    Talking about animal abuse. Eats animals.

  6. Redrum January 27, 2018

    Respect My Authoritah

  7. Kellie Oxford January 27, 2018

    evolution has been debunked now what ?

  8. kid dark January 27, 2018

    what really gets me is that this fuck has no real clue what the hell hes talking about. he just makes it sound rally really good

  9. Lukrecia Pozsonyi January 27, 2018

    Blabing idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to the substance!

  10. Tello 64 January 27, 2018

    The thing that pisses me off other people dealing with suicidal people is when they call them "selfish" and "cowardly" and all I have to say to those assholes is "if you forced a person to that point I think they are the only selfish, cowards here…" 32:32

  11. Jahavad January 27, 2018

    at 29:20 what is russia or china?

  12. Colorless Green January 27, 2018

    What does he mean that he doesn't understand why monopolies are bad. His analogy of having a monopoly on his teeth is absurd. your teeth aren't a resource that other people need. Women don't have a monopoly on their vagina, they own one vagina, but I can go to a different woman if the other one is asking too much for access to hers. that's not a monopoly. It would be a monopoly if one woman had a monopoly over ALL vaginas. That's what he doesn't seem to understand. Its when one party has control over all of a given resource. If a company has a monopoly on electricity, gas, or water, without government regulation, that opens the door to price gouging, company towns, company script, and all the general robber-baron evil shit that happened around the turn of 20th century. When a company has that much power over people, they're no different than the state. And it would take a lot of bloodshed to overthrow that system, just to have another oppressive system like that pop up again. We don't want to have to fight a revolution every 20 years, that's why we try to strike a balance between free-market and regulation. I like to hear his point of view on certain subjects, but some of his anarcho-capitalist views are absolutely retarded.

  13. vcvitiko January 27, 2018

    He looks different here, why?

  14. Jardins Gloria January 27, 2018

    Your analysis are incredibly accurate, clear and well thought out. It's always a pleasure to be on your channel Stefan. As sad as it may sound, I think you are offering a very positive male role model for many younger folks out there who … just don't.

  15. Jim Cohan January 27, 2018


  16. Typhoon792 January 27, 2018

    35:40 Aaand precisely why and what took me too long to realize that it absolutely doesn't make sense to ever listen to this guy again, as if he has any valid follow-through with any of his points or positions…

    And yeah, people will organize a boycott for long enough where they will possibly die of thirst (or be in danger of dying) due to not having access to a basic human resource in the process. <rolls eyes> This free market utopia which occupies this guy's mind is absolutely ridiculous.

  17. Eugenesis January 27, 2018

    "I believe self-knowledge is more important than finding other people to emulate."

    next question

    "Hey Steph, I just found your content online, and I love it! I never knew I was an anarchist."

    Made me lol.

  18. Mike Lee January 27, 2018

    Stefan, don't confuse your child interest for the show for actual interest. It is a way for her to seek validation from you.

  19. Irish Slaves January 27, 2018

    What a horrible thing to happen to such a great man.

  20. David Johnston January 27, 2018

    You have described my development as if you watched me,…. my entire life….Bravo to your perception


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