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Super Mario Sunshine Versus 2 – Episode 2

Versus Mar 3

THE RACE CONTINUES! For those of you who were unaware, this series is being updated every Saturday!

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So if you’re new to versus, here’s what we’re doing! AttackingTucans and JoshJepson will be starting from the beginning of the game and racing to beat the game 100%. The goal is to see who can play through the whole game the fastest! While being able to see both of our game footage on the screen at the same time, and a live scoreboard, you’re easily able to gauge how well they’re doing against each other. We’re allowed to go through the levels in whichever order we like, and we’re also allowed lifelines to try and screw up each other’s game plan! We each have 5 lifelines, and we’re allowed to use each 3 times throughout the whole entire versus. The lifelines are as follows:

1. Bipolar Controller – Hold controller upside down for 5 minutes

2. Level Leaver – Exit your current level where you are.

3. Mission Tradition – Choose a mission from the game that the other person has already done that they must do a second time.

– The mission must be one they have done in a previous episode, not the current episode.
– Once a mission has been re-done by either player, neither player can re-do it
– No 100 coin missions.

4. Coin Collector – Player has to collect 25 coins in whatever level they’re in before collecting their shine.

– If they can’t collect 25 coins in the mission they’re in, they must exit the course and collect 25 coins in Delfino Plaza.
– Can’t be used while somebody is going for a 100 coin shine.
– You can’t change the shine you’re going for to the 100 coin shine if the lifeline is used on you

5. H2NO – Not allowed to use F.L.U.D.D. for 5 minutes AT ALL. If you do accidentally then 1 minute will be added to your no water penalty.

You’ll be able to find out all the current episode’s stats at the end of the video, including how many shines we’ve collected, blue coins collected, total coins collected, and how many times we’ve died. It also let’s you know how many of each lifeline we have left!

That’s everything you need to know about the versus! Thanks for reading / watching, and hope you enjoy the series!

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Are you interested in racing along with us? Then click the following link to read the rules which are posted in our forums!


• Edited by Tyler Sederwall
• Ending Credits Music – Delfino Plaza Music
• Intro Made by Tyler Sederwall
• Graphics Made by Josh Jepson
• Animated Logo Made by Tyler Sederwall
• Website Made by Jett Williams
• Game Made by Nintendo

• Josh’s Channel – http://www.youtube.com/JoshJepson
• Tyler’s Channel – http://www.youtube.com/AttackingTucans
• Versus Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/TylerVSJosh

• Josh’s Fanpage – http://bit.ly/JoshJepsonFanpage
• Josh’s Twitter – http://bit.ly/JoshJepsonTwitter
• Tyler’s Fanpage – http://on.fb.me/12v95Ug
• Tyler’s Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/AttackingTucans


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