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Economic top dog: will China overtake US? – Inside Story

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World Bank report forecasts major changes to the global economic landscape. Mike Hanna speaks to Marshall Mays, a director of the Asian Bond Market Forum and a former adviser to the People’s Bank of China, Eswar Prasad, a senior professor of Trade and Policy at Cornell University, former Head of the IMF’s China division and Fraser Howie, an Asian Stock Market Specialist and Co-author of ‘Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China’s Extraordinary Rise’.




  1. bob See February 11, 2018

    I have been there recently. Peaceful people. travel to rural areas. Never say devastating living conditions.

  2. mohammed amer February 11, 2018

    there is much room for growth in china it is still developing country but Usa will struggle in future there is no room for high growth rates Usa has below 3% growth 

  3. Dogy K February 11, 2018

    For those who keep saying China's GDP per Capita is lower than U.S., listen, China will NEVER overtake U.S. in GDP per Capita, because when they do, China's overall GDP will consist 75% of global GDP, which will gives China enough power to single handedly isolate rest of the world economically.
    Chinese do not need to catch up U.S. in GDP per Capita to rule the world, just like U.S. does not need to catch up Luxembourg or Qatar in GDP per Capita to rule the world. True, without freedom and high persona income, China will always be a shitty country to live, which is where our world is heading towards: an era that we are all ruled by a shitty empire, happy?

  4. Daniel Xu February 11, 2018


  5. Bailey Speaks February 11, 2018

    Once China reaches 90% of US nominal GDP it will be growing at 4% per year and the US will be growing at 3% which is not enough to overtake the US if the Chinese economy slows. EX; my GDP is 10 and yours is 9, if i grow at 3% next year I will be at 10.3 while yours will be at 9.36- speed that by 10 years and you are at 12.6 and I'm at 13.

  6. Lee Johnson February 11, 2018

    The Rich Men in the United States moved millions of American's Jobs, to China.  There is little wonder why China is Prospering and the American Economy is Going Down, Down, Down.  Rich men being able to legally Bribed the Politicians, will in time, cause the American Empire to Fall. Rich Men Oppress the Poor, and all other Americans who are not rich.

  7. Aryangar krsna February 11, 2018

    china did it this week 

  8. Colin Li February 11, 2018

    you live in a good condition, why you should care so much about who lead whom, if you live in a poor condition, It means nothing no matter how many parties lead the country. so, f**k those democracy preachers, you shoiuld go to China and see how fast the country, cities are developing, you will see people's living conditions are changing quite differently year by year, you should really go and see our changes

  9. Br!an Delta V February 11, 2018

    America has the largest consumer base but only because we are living on the glory of our former manufacturing base. But there's still hope if you understand whats going on. What the Chinese do is money manipulation. They peg their currency, among other things, so our dollar has a lot more buying power than it rightfully should. What they do is impossible with gold and silver as the national currency. Want Proof? Their products, sitting on the retail shelves are cheaper than the raw materials to make them. I would know. I own an American firm manufacturing wood stoves in the USA. My materials costs exceed their finished product. The Chinese wood stoves are worth less than the stock materials they're made of (but not scrapped value, because the material has already been shaped and worked, so to use it for other purposes is not economical, I wont delve into that now). That's not including the shipping and going through middlemen. In other words, even if they had literal slave labor. I mean literal slaves, they still could not get the prices as low as they are. So clearly labor is not the biggest factor. Please explain how this is possible without manipulation? Its not. You cant make a car, tool, or anything for cheaper than the materials that goes in them. Unless you use FIAT currency to scam the markets. America used to be a competitive manufacturing hub because we had tariffs on manipulative country's. Now our politicians just don't care if our source of income and jobs are gutted like a fish. But on the bright side, because of this China is absolutely dependent on the US Dollar and exponential exports/growth, which is why they would never have a massive bond selloff, which would cause the Dollar collapse. If the USD collapses, they lose 80 percent of their jobs OVERNIGHT and the USA feeds a third of China's unsustainable population. If we were to embargo them, they're whole civilization, not just economy, would collapse. And frankly, we should initiate a 35% import tariff on China. This will nullify their manipulation, generate MASSIVE amounts of revenue for the US government from communist China (that could be spent on schools, roads, the DEBT and the likes) and we could pay ALL of the national debt off in 6 months. Then once the debt is gone, we go to a gold+silver money system. This will shake the world over, and since almost all countries money is backed by USD their currency would certainly collapse. Even if not, losing 80% of their jobs would make them collapse. Then we can embargo the Chinese, full blown Cuban style without losing any money. The Chinese wont have bonds to sell off, because we paid them back, then by purposefully trashing the USD and replacing it with gold+silver for all US citizens BEFORE you trash it (this means preserving Americans wealth and trashing China's), all that 'money' we paid China back in will be worthless. Thus all the royally screwing China has been doing to us the past 50 years, we can send it right back art them in under 1 year. And you say they will start a war, but I say they wont. Because WE FEED THEM! An army marches on its stomach, the bigger the army, the more food they need. America is the breadbasket of the world, embargo = starvation and societal collapse.

    And the world economy will implode. FIAT paper currency has NEVER worked out. Now we are having this ridiculous global experiment where we are ALL using FIAT money which has NEVER worked in history. When ALL the worlds money goes hyperinflationary, we will ALL suffer, the cheaters will suffer the most.

    Very shortly (within 20 years) China will cease to exist like so many country's before (the USA as we know it will also cease to exist), we (especially China) will all be busted up into a bunch of third world country's and that's where its going to be.

    But regardless, China and the world economy will collapse as China is being built up on cheap credit like never before in human history. If you think 1929 was bad, with all the cheap limitless credit created by the Federal Reserve, China is making that credit crisis look sane.

  10. charles h February 11, 2018

    different is…..
    rich people living in rich city in america, 
    rich people living in poor city in India, 
    poor people living in rich city in china, 
    this is what government planing model for there country, it is difficult to change model because people got use to it with there government

  11. Luke Brusatori February 11, 2018

    US to bend over a barrel and lube up for China.

  12. 夏雨 February 11, 2018


  13. China Guy February 11, 2018

    why are these 'experts' making it so complicated? the fact is that the average chinese are getting better off from year to year 

  14. Will Power February 11, 2018


  15. Will Power February 11, 2018

    If Fukushima had been a Molten Salt Reactor it would have just harmlessly solidified, there would have been no danger whatsoever.

  16. Will Power February 11, 2018

    Don't believe the f__king lies people, and stop fearing the BULLY!!!

  17. Will Power February 11, 2018

    We will always have enough energy and resources no mater how large the demand grows. 3/4  of all food produced is placed in land fills and berried, instead of feeding the ground were new food is grown. Food waste is ts the easiest thing to recycle. 80% of all power produced is wasted in transport. We've had much better technology for this for 60 years but we were BULLIED into not using it in 1973. Its called Molten Salt Reactors
    are totally radio-logically clean and 95% efficient nuclear power that produces no nuclear waste, and you cant make weapons with it either. We have fuel cell technology that would completely eliminate the power grid, and all the vulnerabilities, and waste associated with it. I could right a book on this subject. 

  18. Geo K February 11, 2018

    China will never be a super power! At the current pollution levels they are lucky if they will even survive another 2 generations… Add to that the fact that their 1 child policy caused the last 2 generations to toss all their baby girls in the river leaving them in a literal sausage festival not conducive to furthering a race. Their financial power is based on worthless US FIAT dollars and other various FIAT currencies, the majority in digital form which can be zeroed out with a few keystrokes then blamed on master cyber terrorists condemning the next nation to be liberated(From their natural resources that is)! The printed version will just be replaced by an Amero or some other ridiculous FIAT currency making the old dollars only useful for starting fires to cook on. Basically, they have been duped into manufacturing all the goods for the 1st world basically for nothing polluting their country beyond a life sustaining condition in the process. Residents have to shovel their cars out of coal ash each morning like an Adirondack snow storm! To top it off they built 2 dozen ghost cities that no Chinese citizen can afford to live in so they sit empty, an ominous specter giving a glimpse of the future for all unsustainable mega cities.

  19. thespiderwebbs1 February 11, 2018

    dont worry our muslim socialist president will help us LOL

  20. Ron Donson February 11, 2018

    So I just watched a video on the Ukraine Crisis, first viewer btw and commenter and made a logical thought-evoking analysis and was not offensive or anything and even agreed with Russia in some ways and following someone +1-ing my comment, the video was blocked in my country.  Why do you do this to American's Al Jazeera.  You're are despicable and are barely a medium.  Fucking propaganda machine that just hates the US.  Worse than Russia Today and Fox News combined.  God I fucking hate you Muslim peaces of shit can't even unclogged you're brains with that awful religion.  I love free speech and more specifically FREE PRESS!!!!!  I was on your side when Fox was giving you guys a hard time but realistically after seeing what you do…you don't belong here.  Take your non-free press asses back to Qatar.

  21. WEI SU February 11, 2018

    China is building the world by engineering, the US is ruining the world by weapons. That's the difference.

  22. afrrique February 11, 2018

    Holy shit! Another white  reporter covering an asian news story!

  23. Fei Ying February 11, 2018

    American GDP per capita is high but US is full of debt, US's debt already surpassed its GDP, American economy is fake, is a balloon, just matter of time US will drop dead from its debt.

  24. Charm Lu February 11, 2018

    I just notice this channel is supporting uyghyr separatists in China, which have caused the terrorism attacks in Urumuqi, so, FUCK YOU SOB

  25. 德厚宋 February 11, 2018

    In terms of total gdp China will overtake US within 8 years but in terms per capita, it is at least 20,30'years to go

  26. Barack Obama February 11, 2018

    Pacific century brah 

  27. infinitecanadian February 11, 2018

    So what if China overtakes the U.S.?  They will still never be free with their Chinese Communist Party and they are still a shitty country.


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